Monday, March 24, 2008

First Blog Ever...

Ok... So I don't blog. I'm sure everyone says that when they first start. Kinda' like heroine... Well, after careful consideration I have decided to dive headfirst into this dark, seedy world known as blogging. But for anyone that knows me well knows I can't just have a normal blog. No... I have to do something different. It's probably not as different and original as I am making it out to be, but I like to believe I am set apart.

This my friends, is a "doodle" blog. You're no doubt grabbing your phone right now and calling home to ask "Mom, what's a doodle blog?" I'll save you the time... No, it's not a new strand of VD. It's my place to post the slew of random ass drawings that come out of my strange mind. The mass majority of them will not make sense, but then again... neither do I. I have a few that need to be scanned in an posted so no need to inform me that I haven't posted any yet. I know. Thank you for your observation.

Anyhow... View them, absorb them, and love them... Or don't.


Allie said...

Hey, is this the blog that talks about new strands of VD?

RoJa Von Mitchell said...

nice work :]